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Whether you’ve been struggling with drug addiction for years or have recently come to terms with your condition, you will need professional help from a network of rehab facilities like Oxford Wellness Center. Our drug rehab center in Lakewood Ranch, Florida is just the place to recover and sustain your sobriety. But first, before you can do so, you need to admit to yourself, your friends, and your family that you have a chronic brain disorder no one can overcome on their own. Only then will you have the opportunity to break free from this and move on to a happy, healthy life. When you first come to our Lakewood Ranch addiction treatment center, you will go through supervised detox to ensure that you have the necessary foundation for overcoming dependence on drugs or alcohol. This will not be pleasant, the side effects will be painful, but our professionals are will be there watching you and helping you along the way.

Then you will go through the process of rehabilitation through therapy. We offer multiple therapies at our addiction treatment facility in Lakewood Ranch. First, you will attend individual therapy with a personal counselor to create a program that is customized your needs and comprehensively designed to alter them when necessary. You will get the chance to receive advice from professionals who will guide you through this process.

Next, you will attend group therapy sessions. During group meetings, clients have the opportunity to share their stories with empathetic listeners, receive insightful and experienced advice, and provide the same to others. The community you will become a part of will help you in so many ways. It is one of the most fruitful aspects of rehab. At these therapy sessions, you will be screened and treated appropriately for dual diagnosis mental health issues. Nearly half the people we treat are also going through a mental health issue that will need to be addressed so you can have every chance at beating this. At our addiction treatment clinic in Lakewood Ranch, you will have everything you need to help us help you, and provide the resources and information necessary to get down to the core of your problem with addiction.

When you go to leave our addiction treatment center in Lakewood Ranch, you will leave with the love, support, and care of everyone you’ve met and the comprehensive, personalized addiction treatment program that will guide you beyond our rehab into aftercare. During this stage, you will learn to sustain sobriety on your own with the help of all our people you’ve interacted with and things you’ve learned.

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