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The High Cost Of Substance Abuse-Related Health Problems In Santa Monica, California

Addiction is expensive. Not only are you spending money on your drug of choice, you are also accruing costs related to your mental and physical health. Drugs and alcohol can permanently damage your body and brain. If you’re ready to face addiction head on and come out on top, then you should consider the Oxford Wellness Center, our substance abuse treatment center in Santa Monica, California.

Did you know that substance abusers make over five hundred thousand emergency room visits every year for drug and alcohol-related health problems? Addiction causes more disabilities, illnesses and deaths than any other preventable health condition. Twenty-five percent of deaths are due to illicit drug use. Substance abusers are more at risk for accidents, injuries, medical problems, domestic violence and death. On top of all that, injection of substances accounts for more than ten percent of new AIDS cases.

If you are tired of paying the high price of addiction, consider the benefits of getting help at our Santa Monica addiction treatment center. The sooner you deal with substance abuse, the easier your recovery will be. You'll also save yourself the grief of a life riddled with the serious consequences that frequently accompany drug and alcohol addiction.

How Our Santa Monica, California, Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Can Help You Get Clean And Sober

Most of the clients who enter our Santa Monica addiction recovery program begin with a stay in our professionally supervised drug detox clinic. The first step in addiction recovery is to get toxic substances out of your body. Because of withdrawal symptoms, this process can be unpleasant, but you will be safe, and we will help you to feel as comfortable as possible.

The next step in recovery is to undergo a thorough professional assessment so we can identify your unique needs. Based on our assessment, we will design and implement a personalized treatment plan that includes therapies to best assist you in the process of recovery.

Up to 50 percent of the clients at our addiction treatment facility are struggling with a co-occurring disorder in addition to their addiction. If you have a co-occurring disorder, it means you are dealing with a mental health disorder along with a substance abuse disorder. Those with a co-occurring disorder can greatly benefit from the application of dual diagnosis mental health treatment.

Clients at our Santa Monica addiction recovery center participate in intensive group therapy sessions during which they are encouraged to explore the root causes of addiction. A safe, stress-free, structured, connected, and supportive environment helps our clients to share honestly about issues of trauma and abuse and to release pent-up emotion that has played a role in addiction. Recovery is most effective when it's a shared endeavor. Because our clients recover together, they are more likely to succeed.

An important part of recovery is being able to maintain recovery after discharge. The staff at our addiction recovery facility conduct drug and alcohol education seminars and training workshops designed to help our clients learn relapse prevention strategies to help them stay clean and sober in the real world.

After a stay in our Santa Monica drug rehab facility, our clients leave armed with individually-tailored aftercare plans designed to help them continue the recovery process with outside professional support. Aftercare may involve continued treatment as an outpatient, individual counseling sessions, group therapy sessions or a combination of all three.

Our drug rehab centers can provide you with a solid foundation on which to build a drug and alcohol-free life. Getting involved with 12-Step groups in the Santa Monica area can be instrumental in maintaining sobriety after treatment.

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